How We Work

House-Price Genie is one of the reputed property valuation service providers in Australia offering a variety of solutions. Since establishment, our company has catered to clients across major cities, rural areas, and remote regions to find the value of their residential real estate like houses, apartments, rural & urban homes, prestige properties, townhouses, vacant land for property development and much more.

So, if you are considering to purchase or sell a residential property anywhere in Australia, we can provide a market value assessment or a comprehensive valuations. We have a team of licenced and Certified Property Valuers who have completed accredited courses from the Australian Property Institute. Our valuers manage their tasks responsibly and by abiding by the rules and regulations by the Australian Government.

Our Services

Our services and specialist are suitable for residential properties’ buyers, owners, landlords and expert service providers. Whatever you need for assistance with a Family Law issue, managing your SMSF, accounting for taxation purposes or anything else, we will help you.

Clients can reach out to us all year round for specialist advice and property valuation services to make informed decisions. So, if you are in need of experienced and trained Property Valuers in Australia, we offer reliable and customised solutions for the following purposes.

  • Finding the current market value of the property
  • Stamp Duty purposes and creation of valuation reports for the Office of State Revenue
  • Valuations for the Australian Taxation Office or your accountant/auditor of the below mentioned things:
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Back/Retrospective Dates Taxations
    • SMSF Superannuation Annual Year Audits
  • Assessments for Deceased Estate, Probate, and Related Party Transfers between family, business partners, landlord etc.
  • Valuation requirements for Family Law Court, property settlements, divorce or de facto separations, court litigations and mortgage security
  • Internal accounting purposes
  • Before property construction valuation requirement for strata building replacement costs for insurance purposes
  • Compensations for road widening or compulsory acquisition by government or main roads

Pre-sale and Pre-purchase Advice

Many of the clients that reach out to us are homeowners looking for pre-sale and pre-purchase advice. When you set out to sell a property, it is common for realtors and agents to present information to you and buyers biased by their vested interest. They give unrealistically high quotes which are inflated to secure a huge commission for themselves. However independent property values like us are impartial and only provide the right information. We carry our valuations without any vested interest which is why we are able to provide reliable estimations of the accurate value of your property.

We also help people interested in buying a new house, apartment, residential land for development etc. You can hire us to perform a pre-purchase valuation to avoid paying too much for a property. Relators and agents can present inflated prices to buyers for getting more commission as stated above. Therefore, you need to have a source from where you receive the true estimated cost of a residential property.

We don’t day every agent provides a sale price that is too high but it is possible they haven’t calculated the actual cost correctly due to lack of experience or the expertise. By taking our assistance, you can rest assured we will help you avoid poor investment decisions and identify accurately priced houses, apartments etc.

Meet Client Expectations

We understand how important matters of buying, selling, transferring or managing residential properties are and that our clients have high hopes from us. Thus, we do our best to meet client expectations and guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Our experienced and skilled property valuers always stay abreast with current market trends and ensure the estimates and valuations they present are unbiased and reliable. With our expertise, we can help our clients make decisions resolutely and make investments soundly.  

When it comes to meeting our client’s expectations we never quit and strive to provide customised solutions and value for money services. Also, you can rely on us to manage every project in a timely manner to avoid delays that can jeopardise a deal.  

We do what we say and our transparency while doing business and honesty of our property valuers are major reasons why we have gotten success and recognition in the property markets of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and other metropolitan cities of Australia.