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A one-stop residential property valuation company offering professional services and solutions at competitive rates.

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Our Expertise


Before selling or leasing your residential knowing its market worth is important. We can help you get a real estimate of your house/unit. Backed by Licensed & Certified Practicing Valuers (CPVs) we offer excellent valuation services in Australia.

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Don’t know who to contact for residential property advice and guidance? Your search stops at House Price Genie (HPG). We specialise in understanding past and present market trends and provide insightful consultation to our clients.

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Complete Client Support

At our company, the primary goal is to provide reliable solutions and guarantee 100% client satisfactions for your problems. Thus, we give our all to manage our client’s expectations and ensure they get the best deals so that they have all the effective solutions they need.

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Who We Are

House Price Genie was founded in the year 2002 by Michele Cosgrove who is a CPV with over 25 years of experience. Since incorporation, we have emerged as reliable and reckoned property consultants in Australia with clients across major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and several others. We have helped many buy and sell residential real estate in Australia such as houses, apartments, etc. Thus, no matter where your residential property is, we can inspect it and estimate its real-time market value to device a good plan of action to help you get the best deals.

We can help you compare different market rates in the area and see what market tactics and policies you can use to sell your property. We will make an in-depth valuation keeping in mind the current market rate and the future valuation policies.

Our company takes immense pride in offering the highest-quality of services to our clients and that’s why people trust us. We strive to give in-depth details and professional advice while sharing insights so that you can make the right decision without any hint of stress. For more assistance, feel free to contact us and avail our services.

Our in-house specialists and proven services are ideal for potential home buyers, landlords and real estate investors. We can assist you with managing your SMSF, a Family Law issue, accounting for taxation purposes and much more. Our professionals manage their task and follow all the rules and regulations guided by Australian government. Clients can contact us whenever required and we will offer them reliable and quality property valuation solutions to help them make right decisions. If you are in the need of trained property valuating experts in Australia, reach us. We are here to resolve your queries and doubts so that you can know the right valuation of the property. You can take the help of our qualified and friendly staff who are experts at evaluating your property. They will give you the correct valuation and help you understand how they estimated this amount. You can contact our staff at any time and book a date for a property valuation. We strive hard to get the absolute right valuation for your property and keep your property relevant in the market.

Company Profile

Why Take Professional Help?

Value estimation of a property is not only about its worth in the market, but also for sales listings, insurance, investment planning, taxation and more. Thus, you need assistance of specialists who have the following.



We always complete projects within a stipulated period because we know the importance of completing tasks in time. We have the resources to manage property valuation projects in a few days/weeks.



We are a solution-oriented company, meaning we focus on finding the answers and not focus on the problem. This attitude allows us to offer personalised house or apartment valuation services to all our clients.



Our staff maintains good network connections with realtors, property valuers, agents, and many others in the real estate industry. Our network allows us to keep growing and helps us provide excellent services to our clients at any point in time.

In-Depth Analysis & Valuations

We at HPG provide all-round solutions via our in-house team of experience property valuers and a network of over 200 CPVs who give advice clients that sell residential and commercial properties in Australia. Our experts use a versatile technology system that is fed with accurate and real date to provide comprehensive and thorough analysis and valuations for properties across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and other capital cities & regions of the country. The reasons for getting your house or apartment evaluated can be for any of the following purposes.

  • Taxation
  • Resumptions
  • Mortgage Security
  • Finance or account reports
  • Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) reporting
  • Family Law

There are other purposes for which seeking professional assistance is necessary and recommended. So, if you need house valuation services, get in touch with us now and we will make sure we answer all your queries effectively. We have a team of highly trained and licensed property valuation experts who have completed accredited courses from renowned property institutes in Australia. Our experts can manage their work and provide you with the proper analysis so that you can get the best deal. Contact us and hire our professional at the most reasonable price. You will have the best kind of offers that suit you and our team will work hard to give you the best kind of customized prices you need. Our main aim is to make all our clients happy. We can provide you a free consultation for better introductions and listen to your requirement, based on your experience, you can choose to hire our property valuation experts and get details analysis, solutions and reports. You can rest assured; our team will look into your needs and provide personalised services to help you crack the best real estate deal.

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Things That Influence Your House Value


Demand is the need or desire to own a house. Most people act when they have the financial means.

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The property’s design, structure, and other aspects that can satisfy the owner’s need and ensure comfort.

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The availability or lack of competing properties significantly impacts the value of a house or apartment.

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being valuation experts in today’s post-covid market is challenging and it has made us realise the importance of giving back to the society. Thus, in the past few years, we have revised our corporate social responsibility plans and included campaigns, grants, donations and other tools to help people in need.

We are rapidly going digital to conduct our business sustainably. Additionally, we host multiple webinars, workshops and event to create awareness regarding property valuation. Thus, you or anyone else can value a property without professional assistance. Our aim is to contribute to the community and keep it thriving.

Get The Best Results

We guarantee 100% client satisfaction because our team is experienced and our professionals use the best information collection and analysis systems.



With our help you can find the best and valued properties in Australia.


After our valuation, you can get the best deals while selling/buying a home.


Since we have expertise and modern technology, we provide quick valuations.

Work Culture At House Price Genie

Our management allows room to grow for every person associated with the company. We are flexible and result-oriented. Also, our ethics comprise of compassion for all, fair procedures, loyalty and honesty. We also maintain transparency with all our clients and are upfront about costs and prices. Since our team members abide by the company’s workplace culture completely, you can rest assured they do their best to provide high quality property valuation services for your house or apartment anywhere in Australia. Our aim is to gain your trust and ensure you get the best experience working with our property valuation experts. Thus, we maintain our market reputation and provide reliable solutions.